17 things to do in 2017

by - January 19, 2017

A new year has started, new beginnings start to happen and I'm here setting myself some realistic goals to achieve throughout the entire year. Although the month is about to end and this post probably came a bit too late. Anyway, 2016 was undoubtedly the best year so far, and I can't wait to make the most out of this one too, because it's gonna be lit. (?) 

I decided to change it up a bit my "new year goals" to 17 things to do in 2017, at first, I was like that's a lot, I'll probably will get no more than 5 things but I got all the 17. So, will list them below in order.

  1. Give God’s first place: Simply because He deserves it more than anything and it's my way to thank Him for all of the amazing things He has given me.
  2. Read bible: Alright, I have tried my best to read the bible, but sometimes I tend to be lazy, or be so busy or just get distracted way too easily and always end up being stuck in the Genesis book, but since I came across to this on my twitter feed, I started doing it (Jan the 5th) I knew it'd be quite challenging, but so far I've loved it and I've understood so many things too. it says half an hour, but for me it takes me an hour, and enjoy that God's and me time! :)
  3. Do well this year at Uni: Simply because it’s my last year academically… how exciting, can't believe this Uni life will end very soon. Can't wait to see what God has in store for me!
  4. Stay organized: Organization is a first, this means I'll do all homework assigments and everything else on time, so I won't be rushing.
  5. Drink more water: Because my body and my skin will thank me later for that.
  6. Volunteer: One of my childhood dreams has been to help people, homeless people, anything related to kids, elder people, woman rights, and more. This year in my last semester I have to take a social work related internship (?) that looks way exciting but I wouldn't like to wait for that, so I'm planning on volunteering at a foundation where my mom does volunteer as well, I've volunteered before but since I got this busy schedule these last couple of years, I don't always make it to their events and more, but well, I am guessing I can juggle that and it would make me so happy! . :)
  7. Save money: I don't know what I'm going to use it for, but I have to save, save, save, save it!
  8. Try to go out more often: A 22 years-old gal, living between home and uni and no time do anything else? yep, that's me, I live for my family and I'm always so focused on my studies that I barely have time to spend it with friends and go out with them, maybe I'm not into that social life at all. (?)
  9. Spend quality time with my loved ones: Like I just said, I live for my family, they're the most precious gift you could've ever asked for and I simple enjoy spending time with them, they're fun, and we laugh out laugh, we really have fun times and those are the moments I will cherish later.
  10. Write more: Moving onto the creative ones, writing is one of my favorite things to do, I express myself so much better this way, so I will work so hard in this one by updating this tumblr blog I created a year ago. :)
  11. Take more pictures: I don't know when it was the last time I took a picture, okay, that was last year, but I will try my best to take more pictures of real people and things and simply capture the moment.
  12. Practice calligraphy: Alright, I spend so much time on Pinterest that enjoy all of this cute, lovely calligraphy that I plan on developing my own, and maybe start re-decorating my room with my favorite quotes, mayhap?
  13. Draw more often: Oh, I said this last year, I wanted to practice before getting back to Uni but I've been not only lazy but busy as well (no more excuses now!) I even bought a pretty journal to use, but I hope to get back to it asap! :)
  14. Travel: I don't care whether it's locally, nationally or internationally, I simply wanna travel, have a good time and enjoy it!
  15. Learn how to cook – a have to: Shame on me, 22 years old still don't know how to cook, but, I will try my best at least, learn the basics such as boil water, cook rice and prepare chicken and salmon, my mom use some ingredients for it so the taste is 1A. We'll work on that, she better teach me and hope I get her amazing cooking skills her foods turn out to be delicious but me, I rarely eat what she cooks!
  16. Enjoy life: Life is beautiful to be surrounded by negativity, hate, grudge, and more. I try my best to enjoy it as if it was my last one day by enjoying all the tiny little things, all the good and bad that then turns out into good and more. Life's one so you gotta enjoy it while it lasts and I enjoy it either smiling or laughing out laugh.
  17. Be thankful: I'm always thankful for every single thing that happens to my life whether it's good or bad because I learn from the bad things and choices and even mistakes, for all the people that come and stay and the ones that go, they all leave so many lessons which I learn sooner or later, yeah, for that and many more there's always something to be thankful for! 

So, these are my realistic goals for 2017. What are yours? Share them in the comment box below! 

Happy Thursday! 


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  1. Great post!


  2. I love all of these resolutions!


    1. Thank you! Happy to hear that! :) ♥️ xo

  3. Oh I will keep those points in mind for sure! I should maybe drink some more water as well - hydration is key!
    I wish you all the best for 2017 <3
    xx, Carmen - http://www.carmitive.com

    1. Thank you so much Carmen! Best of wishes for you too in this 2017! And yes, I agree, hydratation is key! ♥️ xo

  4. Really beautiful post!


    1. Thank you so much Viktoria! :) ♥️ xo

  5. Oh Melissa, this is such a lovely post and some great new year resolutions which i love all of them! I'm gonna start reading the Bible too! ♡ :) Happy Sunday! Sending lots of love to your way! xx

    1. Thank you so much Maria Paula! It makes me so happy to hear that! Best of luck reading it! ;) Happy Sunday to you too! ♥️ xo

  6. Hi!
    I think these are the best new year resolutions I've read so far, I really love your vibes! Some of mine are quite similar, and I was so happy we have so many in common ♡
    Would you like to follow each other? I just really love the atmosphere of your blog, hope you like mine xx


    1. Hi Angela! Thank you so much for your kind words, it really means a lot to me to hear (read) that! I'll check out your blog! :) Sending lots of love to your way! ♥️ xo

  7. Great post, #1, and #2 ,#7,#8#14 are also in my must do list for this year


    1. Thank you so much dear! That's so great to know! Best of wishes for this 2017, hope you achieve all of your goals! xx

  8. Beautiful post, I agree with you!


  9. Can't more agree!



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